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Shady Dealings – trombone demonstration


I’m going to be doing a trombone demonstration at this event here in Todmorden. Ali Robertson of Usurper is awesome so try and come to this pls. Click on image above to buy tickets and note early start time of 5 – 7pm, 27th Jan 2019

2018 end of

Hello everyone…

I wanted to write a little sum up of my musical activities this year in a blog form so here we go. I’ve had a good time generally which is pretty good considering my zen has been seriously messed with by politics. I was happy to spend a bit of time performing in Europe while it is still possible and easy to do so.

I had a great time this year performing other people’s music which is something I use to do a lot of when I was younger so it’s been brilliant to get back into the swing of it. Performing in ‘Landscape’ by Trevor Wishart and Mick Banks was really fun as was playing trombone and singing in my first opera (a micro one!) for Rebecca Lee and Nastassja Simensky (see pic below). I also had an amazing time joining a few people in Leeds for a one off show covering songs from 1968 for The Scalarama Film Festival. Turned the sax solo in Donovan’s ‘Get thy bearings’ into a way better slide trombone version.

24.11.18 - Five Verses on Six Sacks of Earth Day 2-19

I was invited over to Rotterdam’s Worm to lead an Iron Maidens workshop, as always, I was amazed by what the group could produce in one day. Teaching for Rhythm Time has been as fun as ever! I’ve been working in Sure Start Centres teaching pre-school aged kids basic music theory and it’s fascinating what they can pick up. I also worked with teenagers at the Sound and Summer school for the second year running as assistant composer for the cross cultural composition group. Hear a podcast about the school here if you’re interested.

Delphine Dora and I released ‘Divine Ekstasys’ in April, played two shows in The Netherlands and were lucky enough to perform with Wolf Eyes in Paris – crazy evening.

Had a wild time with The Slowest Lift involving much time in a car. Our mini tour with Richard Youngs and Noel Meek was really fun. Think my fave gig with Julian this year was at The Spit and Sawdust skate park in Cardiff. We have 2 gigs booked for next year and a record almost completed.

Solo music wise, I’m back on the guitar song writing and am working on a new record with the working title ‘Goodbye Gemini’. Hoping to have that finished before summer.

Tor Festival at The Trades Club was a blast, hoping to do something there again next July. Tor FM continues each month on Camp Radio..

Can’t think of anything else right now. Cheers for reading, coming to gigs we do as Tor Bookings or any I play round the country.. and if you’ve purchased anything from me this year thanks for that as well. Have a lovely, stress free, holiday season.

Sof x

New Tor FM! Christina Carter interviewed

The latest Tor Fm has a 40 minute interview with Christina Carter with a little interject from Tom towards the end. Also a fair chunk of their Charalambides show we hosted at The Golden Lion in Todmorden. Listen in!

The Golden Lion had a feature on Vice Magazine recently.. the video they made is such a sweet documentary and you even get to see a bit of Tor Beers at one point. Check eet out here. 

Material Culture Unearthed: Five Verses on Six Sacks of Earth

Throughout November I’ll be performing on trombone for a new mobile micro opera written by Nastassja Simensky and Rebecca Lee. All the shows will be around Pendle Hill, Lancashire, commissioned by In-Situ. Can’t wait! Nastassja is making me a costume for it and everything.

Sat 17 November: The Garage, Northlight, Brierfield 7-9pm

Sun 18 November: Clarion House, Roughlee (matinee) 3-5pm

Sat 24 November: Meeting Room, Clitheroe Library 7-9pm

Sun 25 November: Unity Wellbeing Centre, Nelson (matinee) 3-5pm

Iron Maidens in Rotterdam

BIG THANK YOU !! thank you. To Mariette Groot at The Worm in Rotterdam for hosting the Iron Maidens project. Iron Maidens is a workshop where women are invited to compose music together on guitars. This time we went with electric guitars although a fine bass player and a homemade slide synth player also took part. Wild times. I was really impressed by everyone’s open minded approach and the show we put together couldn’t have gone better. Sadly there is no recording but I have pictures…

If anyone reading this would be interested in hosting another Iron Maidens session do get in touch with your ideas