I have a BandCamp page now by the way…here it is:

Our Aquarius, CDR released on Wild Silence. 

I have no copies left but click the picture for Bandcamp.

our aquarius on table


“(…) Cooper’s songs prize repetition but are happy to progress, forming folk mantras that recall the meditations of Fursaxa and the prayers of Richard Youngs. I could probably come up with another ten excellent antecedents to Cooper’s universal sound, but when I listen to Our Aquarius all I hear is her voice, in the many senses of that reverberant word.” (Marc Masters, The Out Door – 200 words)

Delphine Dora and Sophie Cooper – Distance Future. Tape on Was ist Das? 

Physical copies now sold out. You can buy a download via Delphine Dora’s Bandcamp page here


Featured in The Quietus’ Best Tapes of 2015 – “Distance Future is pure sonic magic, and the strangest part is, we’re never quite sure if we’re heading into, or escaping from the darkness.”

Number 19 in Pitchfork’s top Experimental albums of 2015 – “Improvising in a echo-laden church in West Yorkshire, the pair found a sound distinct from their respective individual work. Their voices fill the space in a haunting-yet-reverent way; some of the tracks are like wordless hymns sung by ghosts.”


Click to buy comp

Click to buy comp

‘It’s Light Outside’ song on a compilation put out by Feathered Coyote Records.

Fluviology, click to buy

Fluviology, click to buy

Fluviology – Compilation CD featuring Sophie Cooper, Delphine Dora, Joe Evans and Sebastian Hegarty


Steve Wright in the Afternoon – Sophie Cooper, released by Open Sound Group. This is a sound collage with excerpts from Sophie’s old tape collection styled into a radio format presented by her brother Phil, who was aged 7 at the time.  A free download is available here or by clicking the cover above.

Cover of Labyrinth by Audrey La Delfa

Labyrinth – Sophie Cooper solo album released by Exotic Pylon


Split release with Ignatz released on Tor Press

woolf music

Woolf Music Compilation – Download from Bandcamp here: Woolf Music Compilation There’s one track by Sophie Cooper on here and it also features excellent contributions from United Bible Studies, Sharron Kraus, Bridget Hayden and more.

Click to add to cart

AlchemyPro-pressed CD by Sophie Cooper and Ben Nash. Blackest Rainbow/Recollections of Knulp.


Never Dirty. Cooper Jones released on Blackest Rainbow records, now available to download from Bandcamp

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