Christmas gig at Power Lunches

My mate Chrissy has organised a gig at Power Lunches on the 18th December. It’s a show where all the proceeds go to St Mungo’s who are a front facing charity supporting the homeless. I regularly work with their hostel in Clapham so I am more than happy to play this gig and raise some funds for them.

Buy tickets here

I’m going to play a bunch of Christmas song covers so should be fun… I’ve been told not to reveal which songs I’m going to play but here’s a few examples of my faves for you to get an idea.

and “I’m David Bowie from down the road”

P.S. It’s my sister Viki’s birthday : HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING SISTER! A little LOTR treat for you.

New release finished

I’m really pleased to announce that I’ve just finishing mixing and mastering a 32minute release consisting of 9 new tracks. Spent all of yesterday doing this with help from Andie Brown (These Feathers Have Plumes) who is an expert in using Ableton Live which is good for me. It was really interesting to learn a bit about using that programme as I’ve been working in Garage Band before now. She also lent me this cool Boss delay/reverb pedal to record a song about my sister on so that was a laugh. Annnnnyway…

So more details about the hows and whens of this release some other time. I know who is going to release it but will save that bit of info for later.

All the beast! X Sof