Last few copies of split tape with Ignatz…


This split with Ignatz has sold out from the label and Norman Records. I think there are a couple with No Magic Man in Nottingham and Eclipse in America but I have a few (5) left at home if anyone wants one off me. Click on the old buy it now picture and that’ll take you straight to paypal to pay £6. I’m away over Christmas so best to order before the 16th December if you want one before 2014. Get in touch if paypal isn’t your thing at I’m hoping to do the same with my Exotic Pylon release Labyrinth in the next couple of days so email me if you want to wait and get both.

Update: 16/01/14 This release has now sold out from myself and Tor Press.



This n that:

Really chuffed with this review of Labyrinth on Australian website Cyclic Defrost. Check it out here:

A track off Labyrinth called Lady Lilac got played on The Wire radio show, I’m well made up about that. Hear the show here:

First show of 2014 will be an afternoon gig in Leeds on the 19th January at Wharf Chambers along with Phil Todd and Foldhead. On the 1st March I’m playing in Shipley on this bill: Always open to suggestions on the gig front so drop me a line if you have any ideas.

Mint! Ok, bye 🙂

New release now available!


I’m really pleased to say that my tape on Exotic Pylon is finally available to buy on cassette or download. Best to buy directly from the label via Bandcamp I’d say so click on the image below and that’ll take you to the right place.


MEGA, mega thanks to my friends who inspired me to put this together and helped me throughout the process. Especially Jonny Mugwump for asking me to do it in the first place, Andie Brown for being an amazing producer and knowing how to do stuff on a computer to “warm up the sound”, Jake Blanchard for being an understanding partner, Audrey La Delfa for the cool arts and as usual my bezzie pals Kelly Jones, Pascal Nichols and Joincey for the caring.

They say tapes are like buses which for me means my other tape split with the mighty Ignatz is out real soon! I think next week sometime. Weirdly enough my tape holder has 2 slots spare at the moment which I think is a spooky coincidence.



Sof x

Airplay on The Mystery Lesson


A new track I’ve written called Sexy, Sexy, Sexy George got played on Daniel Spicer’s The Mystery Lesson over the weekend. A world first! The song is based on a crush from afar that took place at Brighton’s Colour out of Space which is funny timing because the fest is on again this very weekend. The track is from my new tape Labyrinth which comes out on the 14th November via Exotic Pylon records.

Hear it here:

For filling up this blog post reasons here’s another link to one of Daniel’s show where he gave some of my music some air time a couple of years ago. Thanks Dan.

The Mystery Lesson is dead mint so I advise you to have a look through the archives if you get the chance.

Cheers all.


PS: visit Todmorden! It’s lovely at the moment. This is me yesterday…

sof woods


Tor Press visit the Exotic Pylon show on Resonance FM

On the 7th December me and Jake went down to Resonance FM again to hang out with Jonny and Paul on their great radio show. Here’s the evidence .. we had a rather nice time playing stuff from Jake’s fine label Tor Press and a bonus track by the amazing These Feathers Have Plumes.

Hope anyone reading this has a nice few days off work over December. I’ll be going up to me mum’s  in The Potteries for a few days, looking forward to eating some oatcakes.

A night out at Resonance FM

There’s a recording online of the Exotic Pylon  radio show dear Jonny Mugwump invited me to hang out at. Fun fact: turns out we both briefly worked at the same, vile, shopping centre in Salford so there you go, small world.

It went so smoothly and I mostly make sense although towards the end I start to not answer my own questions too well leading me to conclude that one should always consider the potential consequences before pouring that second glass of wine.

Stream it here.

There’s an archive of all of Jonny’s shows here.

Radio Voice

Next Friday 26th October, 2012 I’m going to be on my pal Jonny Mugwump’s radio show on Resonance FM playing a couple of tracks off my new tape ‘Labyrinth’ and a track or two of other personal faves. I might include an Incredible String Band track for my dad to celebrate his birthday which is on the same day – Happy Birthday Papa C!

double denim, father and daughter style

The show starts at 9PM (BST – just!) so try and tune in if you’re near your wireless. I suspect Jonny keeps an online account of what happens somewhere so I’ll pop that up here afterwards if I sound alright.

I’ve got to be up early the next day because I’m travelling to Brussels for a few days. I have to mention how cheap Megabus tickets are to get there now… £4.20 return for TWO PEOPLE and it’s a more environmentally sound way of travelling than flying, what more could you want.

Oh rate, well all the best! xSof