Ignatz / Cooper split on Bandcamp

and a review from this month’s Wire mag by Byron Coley: 











Jake Blanchard and Hellvete split also on bandcamp.. 


Amazing/creative review of the last Tor Press batch

Watch this sweet video of Hebden Bridge legend Ned Netherwood of http://www.wasistdas.co.uk/ and his son Otis reviewing the last two tapes released by Tor Press. I love it!

Here’s a photo of me about to eat a microphone at the Shipley gig taken by the ace Golden Cabinet guys


Last few copies of split tape with Ignatz…


This split with Ignatz has sold out from the label and Norman Records. I think there are a couple with No Magic Man in Nottingham and Eclipse in America but I have a few (5) left at home if anyone wants one off me. Click on the old buy it now picture and that’ll take you straight to paypal to pay £6. I’m away over Christmas so best to order before the 16th December if you want one before 2014. Get in touch if paypal isn’t your thing at sofiesea@gmail.com. I’m hoping to do the same with my Exotic Pylon release Labyrinth in the next couple of days so email me if you want to wait and get both.

Update: 16/01/14 This release has now sold out from myself and Tor Press.



This n that:

Really chuffed with this review of Labyrinth on Australian website Cyclic Defrost. Check it out here: http://www.cyclicdefrost.com/blog/2013/12/sophie-cooper-labyrinth-exotic-pylon/

A track off Labyrinth called Lady Lilac got played on The Wire radio show, I’m well made up about that. Hear the show here: http://thewire.co.uk/audio/on-air/adventures-in-sound-and-music5-december-2013

First show of 2014 will be an afternoon gig in Leeds on the 19th January at Wharf Chambers along with Phil Todd and Foldhead. On the 1st March I’m playing in Shipley on this bill: http://www.goldencabinet.co.uk/events/ekoplekz2014-03-01. Always open to suggestions on the gig front so drop me a line if you have any ideas.

Mint! Ok, bye 🙂

New release on Tor Press

Hi hello!!

As promised, a new tape out just yesterday on the great Tor Press label. This one is a split with Ignatz who is an awesome musician I’ve been slightly in awe of for a while now so this tape really means something to me, so pleased it’s come out. I’ve called my side ‘Landscape at Large’ named after a collage by Paul Nash. As ever lots of love and thanks to Jake, Bram and Andie for making it happen x

This tape is kind of a duel release on Tor Press. It’s ideal partner, which has came out on the same day, is a split by Hellvete and Jake Blanchard. I’m playing a bit of trombone on one of Jake’s tracks. You can buy both from the Tor Press website by clicking on the picture below. It’s also available at Norman Records.



Click here to buy these tapes on the Tor Press website

Click here to buy these tapes on the Tor Press website