Duane Pitre, Sophie Cooper, David Birchall / Rogier Smal show.


Here is a very nice poster advertising the next gig I’m playing in Manchester, it will be a solo performance this time. I will officially be in my thirties at this one as it’s the weekend after my birthday so if you do come remember to bring me a slice of cake.

In Tor Bookings news we have a couple of shows coming up in Todmorden in October. I will post a bit more about them when the posters are ready, they will be most excellent.

Sophie Cooper Band gig supporting Monopoly Child Star Searchers in Manchester

I love Monopoly Child Star Searchers and Manchester is probably my favourite city in the summer time so I’m chuffed to be playing at this gig in the middle of August… Nick Mitchell is an amazing guitar player as well = all good. For the record, I’m NOT going to be reading, stoned, straight from a Mills and Boon novel as the description on this FABOOK Page may have you think!! 

Gigs coming up soonish

Hi folks. I’ve been in practice mode with Joincey (Coits, Inca Eyeball, Stuckometer etc) today sorting out a set for these gigs I’ve got coming up. Pascal Nichols of Part Wild Horseys fame is definitely in for them as well so I’m very pleased. The songs will get to live in proper band mode! Mint.


More details to follow but these in May as well:

25th May – Manchester

26th May – Bradford

Have a great bank holiday weekend! I’m having a little housewarming do and putting pictures up on the walls.


Manchester show in April

Things are going rather well since I left London to live in the valley. It’s only been a week but it’s all rather nice so far. Image


I’m playing a gig on the 16th April in Manchester which I’m thrilled about! I’m so happy to have my dear Joincey along and a good chance that equally dear Pascal Nichols will be there too playing my songs as a kinda ‘backing band’. Expect wild keytar and drum machine solos, I feel it in my bones. 

It’s at a working art space called The Penthouse on the 16th April. Here’s some info about the other bands playing: 


Both french artists/musicians are now living in Brussels, Belgium. Expect two very different and personal approaches of either experimental lo-fi pop and improvised experimental noise synthesis. One of TG Gondard’s latest record has been released by Not Not Fun records. G. Moissonnier’s first solo tape is due very soon on the always great looking Winebox press…

Rosanne Roberston (Manch)

Robertson is an artist working with action sound and moving image. She was recently selected as an emerging live artist and ‘provocateur’ of Manchester for Dazed Digital- the online home of magazine Dazed and Confused http://www.dazeddigital.com/artsandculture/article/14117/1/doodlebug-selects-rosanne-robertson the article gives a little further background to her practice.

This gig is £3 unwaged and £4 waged. 
The Penthouse
Hilton House
26-28 Hilton Street
Northern Quarter 
M1 1EH
(On the corner of Hilton Street and Tariff Street at the Sunshine Studios end of Hilton Street)

and here’s the FB page. 

Got a couple of other shows in March in Bradford and Manchester again but more about that later X