Tor Festival 25th – 27th July, Todmorden West Yorkshire

After one whole year of promoting really amazing shows in Todmorden, Jake and I have decided to organise a festival which will take place on the anniversary of the first one! (total coincidence by the way) It’s called – TOR FESTIVAL This idea started as an all dayer in our usual venue of The Unitarian Church […]

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New release now available!

Hello! I’m really pleased to say that my tape on Exotic Pylon is finally available to buy on cassette or download. Best to buy directly from the label via Bandcamp I’d say so click on the image below and that’ll take you to the right place. MEGA, mega thanks to my friends who inspired me […]

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Time well spent at Woolf Music 2013

Hello dears, I feel that I must say a word or two thousand about the fantastic experience I had at Woolf Music last weekend. I had such a fun time hanging out at Cleeve House in Wiltshire. We got there (me, Bridget Hayden, Jake Blanchard and Jo Turner-Baker) after a bit of a mission down […]

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Finger Trace Song

    I’ve just posted another tune on me soundcloud called ‘Finger Trace Song’ which I’ve written for my pal Andie Brown. The pic above is of Andie and I from a couple of years ago on her birthday (in Camden somewhere I think?) I’m starting to write songs for a new album as ‘Sophie Cooper […]

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Rock n Roll Clothes Swap event in Todmorden!

Come one come all! Me and Bridget Hayden have organised this event to take place on the 18th May in Todmorden. REALLY looking forward to it. We’re going have cake and cocktails on sale, DJ some great music, and everyone gets to take home some new clothes = best day ever. Donations on the door. All proceeds […]

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Stokey Cooper Band photo

A photo from last night’s ace gig at The Penthouse in Manchester. Ta to Debbie ‘Elvis’ Sharp for this one! It’s not every day you get to play in the corridor of an art studio so thanks as well to ‘Tubers Manchester‘ for sorting out this gig. Also a big love to Joincey and Pascal […]

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Gigs coming up soonish

Hi folks. I’ve been in practice mode with Joincey (Coits, Inca Eyeball, Stuckometer etc) today sorting out a set for these gigs I’ve got coming up. Pascal Nichols of Part Wild Horseys fame is definitely in for them as well so I’m very pleased. The songs will get to live in proper band mode! Mint. […]

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New track with a long title…

I’ve just popped this up on SoundCloud, it’s a track called ‘We’ll laugh about this when we’re older, we won’t know each other then’ and I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know which letters to make into capitals in that sentence of a title so if grammar’s your thing, get in touch and let […]

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Woolf Music

Thought I’d tell you about this gig I’m playing in August, seems like ages away and I’m definitely going to do a show or two before then but this one is kinda special so sharing information about it now…  From the charming folks who organised Terrastock over in America comes a new festival in the Wiltshire countryside […]

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Christmas gig – so much fun!

I played at Power Lunches the other night and had such a blast. Biiiiiit annoyed that I managed to miss the memo which said it wasn’t exclusively Christmas cover songs but to be honest, if the other bands were more comfortable covering ‘Gangster’s Paradise’ over  my choices of ‘Metal Little Donkey’ and ‘Sing-Along Silent Night’ […]

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