New track with a long title…

I’ve just popped this up on SoundCloud, it’s a track called ‘We’ll laugh about this when we’re older, we won’t know each other then’ and I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know which letters to make into capitals in that sentence of a title so if grammar’s your thing, get in touch and let me know, please!

This is coming out on a split tape on Tor Press later this year, I’m guessing before summer. It’s a split with someone I’m a big fan of and I’m sure his contribution will be wild.

Woolf Music

Thought I’d tell you about this gig I’m playing in August, seems like ages away and I’m definitely going to do a show or two before then but this one is kinda special so sharing information about it now… 

From the charming folks who organised Terrastock over in America comes a new festival in the Wiltshire countryside called Woolf Music taking place on the 17 – 18th August. 

This festival is super cheap and the venue looks like no where I’d normally be invited to step into so double bonus!! 



They’ve hardly confirmed anyone yet but the people they have lined up so far are pals of mine so I’m really happy to be spending time in their creative and fine company: Ellen Mary McGee, Thought Forms, Silver Stars of KetchikanDeej Dhariwal, United Bible Studies and no doubt loads more. Should be a hoot so I’d recommend getting yourself a ticket here.

In more personal news very soon I’ll be leaving the smoke after being here for 5 years and moving back up North to West Yorkshire. Excited doesn’t start to describe how I’m feeling about this change. I’ve loved being in London and have had such incredible personal and musical experiences but my yearning for space, a bit of peace and being back near my family has made this decision pretty easy. Musically, I’m confident that getting the wires and guitars out won’t seem as much of a core as it has been in the tiny doll houses I’ve been living in here which should mean more productivity which I’m pleased about. 

Stay good, 

Sof x



Christmas gig – so much fun!

I played at Power Lunches the other night and had such a blast. Biiiiiit annoyed that I managed to miss the memo which said it wasn’t exclusively Christmas cover songs but to be honest, if the other bands were more comfortable covering ‘Gangster’s Paradise’ over  my choices of ‘Metal Little Donkey’ and ‘Sing-Along Silent Night’ that’s up to them.

Good news is – the night raised over £250 for St Mungos so well chuffed with that!

Here’s me as photographed by our girl Andie Brown – ta love!


Merry Christmas to all you Motown fans out there xxx

Tor Press visit the Exotic Pylon show on Resonance FM

On the 7th December me and Jake went down to Resonance FM again to hang out with Jonny and Paul on their great radio show. Here’s the evidence .. we had a rather nice time playing stuff from Jake’s fine label Tor Press and a bonus track by the amazing These Feathers Have Plumes.

Hope anyone reading this has a nice few days off work over December. I’ll be going up to me mum’s  in The Potteries for a few days, looking forward to eating some oatcakes.

Christmas gig at Power Lunches

My mate Chrissy has organised a gig at Power Lunches on the 18th December. It’s a show where all the proceeds go to St Mungo’s who are a front facing charity supporting the homeless. I regularly work with their hostel in Clapham so I am more than happy to play this gig and raise some funds for them.

Buy tickets here

I’m going to play a bunch of Christmas song covers so should be fun… I’ve been told not to reveal which songs I’m going to play but here’s a few examples of my faves for you to get an idea.

and “I’m David Bowie from down the road”

P.S. It’s my sister Viki’s birthday : HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING SISTER! A little LOTR treat for you.