Finger Trace Song



ImageI’ve just posted another tune on me soundcloud called ‘Finger Trace Song’ which I’ve written for my pal Andie Brown. The pic above is of Andie and I from a couple of years ago on her birthday (in Camden somewhere I think?)

I’m starting to write songs for a new album as ‘Sophie Cooper Band’ meaning I’ll record it with Joincey and Pascal Nichols as a rockin’ trio. This is the second song so far, I expect that the next version will sound wildly different. It’s been really interesting playing with the band. I’ve had this fixed idea about how my songs sound in my head for ages, then these pair show up and everything changes. It’s been great fun and goes to show how hard it can be to settle on one sound for a certain piece. Guess that’s the improviser in me saying that. 

Anyway, here’s the tune: 

Got a couple of things coming up in the next few weeks… playing a gig in Cragg Vale on the 19th July (a week today!!) supporting ‘The Corsano/Flower Wizards’, see here for details: WAS IST DAS and then the week after I’m hosting an awesome show in Todmorden at the Unitarian Church. Gig poster: 

ImageThis one is finishing early so we can all get lost in the woods on the way to the kinda ‘aftershow party’ provided by Ned/Was ist das… what could it be? We’ll tell you the wheres, whats and whys at the gig. 

Everything else is good at the moment. Loving this sunshine! I’m getting ready for Woolf Music Fest in August which is just getting better and better line up wise. (Josephine Foster is playing now!!) The organiser of the event told me that on a good day you can see Stonehenge from the campsite so there you go. 

Alright then, that’s it for now sweet ducks! xx



Tor Press visit the Exotic Pylon show on Resonance FM

On the 7th December me and Jake went down to Resonance FM again to hang out with Jonny and Paul on their great radio show. Here’s the evidence .. we had a rather nice time playing stuff from Jake’s fine label Tor Press and a bonus track by the amazing These Feathers Have Plumes.

Hope anyone reading this has a nice few days off work over December. I’ll be going up to me mum’s  in The Potteries for a few days, looking forward to eating some oatcakes.

Kelly Through the Pizza Box

I have the weirdest and most vivid dreams. In this one, I had a magical pizza box which could transport objects or people around at my will. Even in my wildest dreams, I am happy with the company of close friends and I wished for Kelly to appear to me via the box. Turned out, she was a bit busy and couldn’t make a personal appearance however she did scrawl a note inside on the cardboard.