Gigs n that.

I’ve got a couple of live shows coming up. These are they:

6th September – Leeds At the Town Hall I think, in the crypt with the plastic palmtrees.

17th October – Todmorden at The Golden Lion supporting Tomaga

These are a couple of shows I’m hosting:

30th October – Todmorden, Pretty Lightning, Bridget Hayden and Irma Vep at Golden Lion

31st October – Todmorden Unitarian Church screening of The Wicker Man with musical support by N.Racker

Casual bit of news:

Just putting together a release on a local tape label (I’ll let them announce it properly) which features trombone and electric organ music by me and Delphine Dora. Should be out before the end of the year. Here’s a track from that:

In the midst of writing a solo album for an actual LP release which I’m thrilled about. I’m experimenting a lot with the trombone and the fuzz for this one… here’s a little extract from a small something that happened the other day.

Still waiting for summer to happen.

Tor Festival Playlist

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to post a quick update on where we’re up to with Tor Festival. The Kickstarter was a great success, we smashed our target and want to say thanks to everyone who donated. We have sold out of full weekend tickets but still have some available for the Saturday event for £12 each. Please visit the website to secure yours. If you do want to come along to the Friday or Sunday show please show up and we’ll try and squeeze you in somewhere!

We’ve made a playlist on soundcloud which contains the majority of acts performing. It features unreleased material by United Bible Studies, Bbblood and These Feathers Have Plumes so have a listen and enjoy.

As well as music we have an outdoor art installation by Helmut Lemke, tarot readings provided by Todmorden’s own Beth Maiden of Little Red Tarot, beers from Thornbridge brewery and food from Incredible Chai Guys. 

Really looking forward to it, seems to be coming round really quickly!

Brian Harvey’s Cosmic Coincidence Centre

Just wanted to post an update about Tor Festival… the crowdfunding is going really well. We’re just under a week in and have made 75% of our target which is just amazing so thanks to everyone who pledged already. There are still loads of tickets available via our Kickstarter page just click on the little guy below for a direct link to it. When I say loads, there are only 11 full weekend tickets still going but plenty for the Saturday. 



We are really pleased to have the support of friends Incredible Edible Todmorden, the saviours of veg in the Calder Valley! They have written a lovely blog about the festival which you can read by clicking on their logo below: 

ImageBy the way, if you fancy writing a piece on your blog or in a mag or whatnot please get in touch @sofingusa or 

MORE OF NEWS: We have added the excellent Jason Steel to the Sunday show and Todmorden based sound artist Helmet Lemke who will be installing an outdoor sound experience which looks to be very wow!  

Coincidence: I’ve done a bit of research and found out that we share a name with the Por Tor Festival of Phuket.

“Thailand, Ethnic Chinese in Phuket believe that Por Tor Kong is a God of Devil. The seventh lunar month in the Chinese calendar is believed to be the period when spirits are released. The gates are opened and spirits released to wander or revisit homes. During the festival, people bring food and nicely-decorated fruits to make offerings to Por Tor Kong to pass onto those spirits. An essential offering for the festival is a red turtle-shaped cake, large or small. They believe that turtles symbolise longevity.” 


The first Tor Festival is taking place downstairs at a Thai restaurant in the 7th calendar month so I believe we are fated! 



Tor Festival 25th – 27th July, Todmorden West Yorkshire


After one whole year of promoting really amazing shows in Todmorden, Jake and I have decided to organise a festival which will take place on the anniversary of the first one! (total coincidence by the way)

It’s called – TOR FESTIVAL

This idea started as an all dayer in our usual venue of The Unitarian Church but somehow one day didn’t seem enough work and we decided to put on a couple of extra events at our two favourite watering holes in Tod, namely the Three Wise Monkeys (observant readers of this blog will remember a jumble sale I organised there last year) and Bare Arts on each side. So we have an evening at the monkeys on the Friday, an all-dayer at the church on the Saturday then a casual afternoon by the canal at Bare Arts. It’ll be special.

Here’s a line up (so far, a few extra on the way plus a couple of surprises):

Friday: Bbblood, Debbie Sharp, Electric Knife Melody Boa Band 

Plus: General party vibes 🙂

Saturday: United Bible Studies, Delphine DoraBare Bones Lay Low, The Five Star Family Elan, Bridget Hayden, Pascal Nichols & Kelly Jayne Jones (aka Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides), These Feathers Have Plumes, Lobster Priest + one more special guest.

Plus: an art installation, food and booze tent, various stalls selling wares n that, a psychedelic light show, after show party.. the works!

Sunday: Two special guests – TBA

Plus: afternoon ale drinking and a pub quiz!

In a nutshell this thing is going to be mint.


£15 which makes sure you get into all three events, there are only 30 of these golden tickets because of capacity at the two venues.

£12 for the Saturday plus afterparty invite.

To buy tickets nice and in advance please visit our Kickstarter page – click here don’t delay!

There are also a few extras on there if you’re feeling generous or if you’ve always dreamed of a customised song by me (subject of your choice but within reason) now is your chance!

For more info including where to stay please visit the Tor Press website: click here… 

Get in touch if you have any questions/ideas/suggestions/comments etc. your views are important to me xxx


Tor Bookings #3 Report.

Here are three photos I took at the latest Tor Bookings show in Todmorden starring Cath and Phil Tyler, Stephaine Hladowski and Chris Hladowski. It was a truly fantastic night for all involved! Big thanks to everyone who came along and for ongoing support for this project. We’ll be back in the New Year with even more quality gigs. Cheers.

Tor Bookings, new shows update!

Here’s an update on two Tor Bookings gigs we have coming up in Todmorden.

MXLX has unfortunately had to pull out of playing the show we have booked on the 13th October. But, the show must go on and in an exciting twist, our friends the incredible, N.RACKER, will be headlining this show.

Here’s a video Sam sent me this morning:

I saw N.Racker play at Bradford’s Recon Festival last weekend and they were one of my favourites of the whole event and I’m so happy they are able to perform at the church. N.Racker work as an in-sync duo collaboratively producing an eerie sound even John Carpenter would be creeped out by. Long, droning dark synth tones from homemade instruments, strings and fractured vocals make for an unique experience. The live show is so impressively PRO, I wouldn’t miss seeing them if I were you. Oh and they are local to Todmorden.


Then just 10 short days after on the 24th October we have another great night featuring Cath and Phil Tyler, Chris Hladowski and Stephaine Hladowski.

Cath and Phil Tyler

Cath & Phil Tyler play Anglo-American folk music using guitar, banjo, voice and fiddle. Cath was a member of the band Cordelia’s Dad in the 1990s when she lived in Massachusetts, USA. Phil, from Newcastle upon Tyne has played in various folk, rock and ceilidh bands for many years. Coming together musically through a shared love of traditional narrative song, full voiced sacred harp singing and sparse mountain banjo, they have performed on stages as diverse as the Royal Opera House in London and a dank tower in the old city walls of Newcastle. Taking a more minimal approach to their material than some, they have been described as ‘one of the most compelling musical partnerships on the scene’, their music being ‘a highly concentrated and intimate musical experience that penetrates to the very rawest essence of folk tradition’.

Stephanie Hladowski

Stephanie is a vocalist known for her take on traditional folk singing. Her style often reminiscent of the 60’s folk revival. Her music is raw, emotive and deeply affecting. Both her EP on Singing Knives Records and her recent collaboration with C Joynes have been met with critical acclaim.

Chris Hladowski

Chris is best known for his band and chief project The Family Elan. A truly talented and effortless Bouzouki and Saz player, most of his music is inspired by the traditional songs of Eastern Europe and the middle east. Amongst other projects he’s played in A Hawk And A Hacksaw, Nalle and The One Ensemble as well as collaborating with musicians from Southern Asia and Pakistan.

Another great poster by Jake Blanchard 




Hope to see you at one or both of these shows!

All the best,

Sof x

Tor Bookings returns to Todmorden! MXLX, Pascal Nichols and 2 Koi Karp.



Another fine poster by the incredible Jake Blanchard which advertises TOR BOOKINGS #2. After the success of and support received for the last Tor Bookings show we are really pleased to return to the Unitarian Church in Todmorden for a most excellent evening of music. These guys can really wail… 

MXLX – London 

Aka Matt Loveridge of Team Brick and Beak> fame. This guy is a musical genius making intense and incredibly creative compositions. Everytime we’ve seen him play live he’s had a different set up and approaches the performance in a totally unique fashion building up tons of loops, drones, and interesting noise. We heard a rumour that this show might involve some saz rock outs but who knows what to expect.

Pascal Nichols – Manchester 

Pascal is one half of Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides and we’re really excited to have him in Tod for a solo percussion performance fresh from European tour and from working on a new solo album. Expect minimalist drums played using the weird contents of Pascal’s bag (and hands) which will captivate the audience into tranced out states.

2 Koi Karp – Manchester 

New project from artists Louise Woodcock (ex-Womb, and Poppycock) and Neil VG (Gnod, Terminal Cheesecake) Think kinda freaky synth based horror with lots of atmospheric vocals and creepy tape samples.

£5 on the door. We’re going to be open from 6.30pm and probably start around 7pm with a curfew of 10pm which will give you lots of time to get home afterwards. There will be a bar.

Last trains: 

To Leeds – 10.45pm 
To Manchester – 10.35pm 

Cheers, Sof and Jake x
General enquires and suggestions box:

Finger Trace Song



ImageI’ve just posted another tune on me soundcloud called ‘Finger Trace Song’ which I’ve written for my pal Andie Brown. The pic above is of Andie and I from a couple of years ago on her birthday (in Camden somewhere I think?)

I’m starting to write songs for a new album as ‘Sophie Cooper Band’ meaning I’ll record it with Joincey and Pascal Nichols as a rockin’ trio. This is the second song so far, I expect that the next version will sound wildly different. It’s been really interesting playing with the band. I’ve had this fixed idea about how my songs sound in my head for ages, then these pair show up and everything changes. It’s been great fun and goes to show how hard it can be to settle on one sound for a certain piece. Guess that’s the improviser in me saying that. 

Anyway, here’s the tune: 

Got a couple of things coming up in the next few weeks… playing a gig in Cragg Vale on the 19th July (a week today!!) supporting ‘The Corsano/Flower Wizards’, see here for details: WAS IST DAS and then the week after I’m hosting an awesome show in Todmorden at the Unitarian Church. Gig poster: 

ImageThis one is finishing early so we can all get lost in the woods on the way to the kinda ‘aftershow party’ provided by Ned/Was ist das… what could it be? We’ll tell you the wheres, whats and whys at the gig. 

Everything else is good at the moment. Loving this sunshine! I’m getting ready for Woolf Music Fest in August which is just getting better and better line up wise. (Josephine Foster is playing now!!) The organiser of the event told me that on a good day you can see Stonehenge from the campsite so there you go. 

Alright then, that’s it for now sweet ducks! xx