Duane Pitre, Sophie Cooper, David Birchall / Rogier Smal show.


Here is a very nice poster advertising the next gig I’m playing in Manchester, it will be a solo performance this time. I will officially be in my thirties at this one as it’s the weekend after my birthday so if you do come remember to bring me a slice of cake.

In Tor Bookings news we have a couple of shows coming up in Todmorden in October. I will post a bit more about them when the posters are ready, they will be most excellent.

Supporting Duane Pitre in October

I’m playing a gig in Manchester on the 18th October supporting the one and only Duane Pitre! So, so, so, happy about this. I met Duane (lovely bloke!) when I played trombone in his drone ensemble a couple of times a few years ago and it’s a real privilege to share a stage once again.

Details here: http://www.buriedbones.co.uk/