Video of SC solo show

Hello all,

Hope things are going well where you are in this big world. This is my first winter back in the north west and I’d forgotten how sporadic the weather is here. I spent a lot of time at university carrying a coat around because it was cold when I left the house but would get really hot in the afternoon. I’d also be able to tell how much rain had fallen that day by looking at how far up the back of my flared jeans the water had soaked in. I’m really not into this whole rain/hot/cold thing so ten years on I own something magical called “waterproofs”, which helps, but I have been missing the consistency of London weather, anyway…

I played a gig on Friday in at St. Margaret’s Church in Whalley Range supporting Duane Pitre. I met Duane and played trombone in his drone orchestra a couple of times in 2008 so it was an absolute pleasure to see him again. He’s a really talented musician so try and catch him on tour if you can!

My friend did a video recording of my set which you can watch here or here:

In other news I finally have a release date for my new tape Labyrinth on Exotic Pylon records which is the 14th November.  Jonny did a news bulletin on his website which has all the details. I’m getting copies but I’ve already dished them out to folks so best to buy directly from Exotic Pylon if you want one.

I don’t think I’m going to be playing live before 2014 now. I’ve got so much family stuff on and I’m out of the country for most of December. I’ve got a couple of shows brewing in London and Leeds but more details about that when I know. I’m open to suggestions for 2014 gigs at the moment so drop me a line if you have any thoughts: 

Tor Bookings shows. We have one on Thursday this week in Todmorden – Faaaacebleurghbook page here. Cath and Phil Tyler, Chris Hladowski and Stephaine Hladowski. I’m really looking forward to it especially having such an excellent time at the recent N.Racker, Pascal Nichols & 2 Koi Karp show we hosted. Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive of these shows so far. Again, I don’t think there’ll be another this side of the NY but we have a few ideas for 2014 cooking already.

I’ve got a picture published in this months episode of The Wire mag which I’m sure my old photography tutor ‘Darkroom Dave’ would be pleased with! I’m chuffed to say the least. It’s a photo I took (and published on this blog) of my pal Ellen Mary McGee and her mate Nick Johan Davies next to the article about Woolf Music.

That’s all for now I think. Hope your shoes are water tight.

Sof x

Woolf Music Reviews

Just a quick one. If anyone is interested in reading some more reviews about Woolf Music Festival, Terrascope Online are compiling a little list over here: They make for good reading and I’d recommend listening to Downland by United Bible Studies and Jozef van Wissem as you do so. 

Woolf Music this weekend!


The Sophie Cooper Band (me, Pascal and Joincey) had a great time last night supporting the Monopoly Child Star Searchers at Kraak Gallery, cheers to Nick for putting it on. Both Gristed Petunia and Chalaque were amazing! I had to leave and get back to Yorkshire before Spencer played though, pretty gutted because I heard he was really brilliant. I am aware of a bootlegger in the crowd so I’ll have a listen back and see if any of our set is web worthy.

Next gig is a solo job at, potential festival of 2013, Woolf Music. I’m proper excited!!  I can’t remember the last time I camped at a festival… Been drawing in marker pens on me wellies for that extra festival chic and everything, anyway. I really hope to see loads of lovely people there.



I’m playing on the Sunday at 1.30pm and hope to sooth your heavy heads with a few tunes. My backing band this time are called Gretsch the guitar, tape player #1 and MW radio #2. I’m going for a sort of messed up, soupy version of Steve Wright’s Sunday Love Songs thing. See ya there!! xx

Finger Trace Song



ImageI’ve just posted another tune on me soundcloud called ‘Finger Trace Song’ which I’ve written for my pal Andie Brown. The pic above is of Andie and I from a couple of years ago on her birthday (in Camden somewhere I think?)

I’m starting to write songs for a new album as ‘Sophie Cooper Band’ meaning I’ll record it with Joincey and Pascal Nichols as a rockin’ trio. This is the second song so far, I expect that the next version will sound wildly different. It’s been really interesting playing with the band. I’ve had this fixed idea about how my songs sound in my head for ages, then these pair show up and everything changes. It’s been great fun and goes to show how hard it can be to settle on one sound for a certain piece. Guess that’s the improviser in me saying that. 

Anyway, here’s the tune: 

Got a couple of things coming up in the next few weeks… playing a gig in Cragg Vale on the 19th July (a week today!!) supporting ‘The Corsano/Flower Wizards’, see here for details: WAS IST DAS and then the week after I’m hosting an awesome show in Todmorden at the Unitarian Church. Gig poster: 

ImageThis one is finishing early so we can all get lost in the woods on the way to the kinda ‘aftershow party’ provided by Ned/Was ist das… what could it be? We’ll tell you the wheres, whats and whys at the gig. 

Everything else is good at the moment. Loving this sunshine! I’m getting ready for Woolf Music Fest in August which is just getting better and better line up wise. (Josephine Foster is playing now!!) The organiser of the event told me that on a good day you can see Stonehenge from the campsite so there you go. 

Alright then, that’s it for now sweet ducks! xx



Rock n Roll Clothes Swap event in Todmorden!

Rock n Roll Clothes Swap event in Todmorden!

Come one come all! Me and Bridget Hayden have organised this event to take place on the 18th May in Todmorden.

REALLY looking forward to it. We’re going have cake and cocktails on sale, DJ some great music, and everyone gets to take home some new clothes = best day ever.

Donations on the door. All proceeds going to fund Woolf Music in Wiltshire (we’re both playing it and need the train fare guys!)

Great poster supplied by Jake Blanchard.

Hope you can make it, Sof x

Woolf Music

Thought I’d tell you about this gig I’m playing in August, seems like ages away and I’m definitely going to do a show or two before then but this one is kinda special so sharing information about it now… 

From the charming folks who organised Terrastock over in America comes a new festival in the Wiltshire countryside called Woolf Music taking place on the 17 – 18th August. 

This festival is super cheap and the venue looks like no where I’d normally be invited to step into so double bonus!! 



They’ve hardly confirmed anyone yet but the people they have lined up so far are pals of mine so I’m really happy to be spending time in their creative and fine company: Ellen Mary McGee, Thought Forms, Silver Stars of KetchikanDeej Dhariwal, United Bible Studies and no doubt loads more. Should be a hoot so I’d recommend getting yourself a ticket here.

In more personal news very soon I’ll be leaving the smoke after being here for 5 years and moving back up North to West Yorkshire. Excited doesn’t start to describe how I’m feeling about this change. I’ve loved being in London and have had such incredible personal and musical experiences but my yearning for space, a bit of peace and being back near my family has made this decision pretty easy. Musically, I’m confident that getting the wires and guitars out won’t seem as much of a core as it has been in the tiny doll houses I’ve been living in here which should mean more productivity which I’m pleased about. 

Stay good, 

Sof x