Exhibition at St Chad’s Church, Rochdale.

This is a recording of my piece ‘Vocal Trio for St Chads’

Alongside other artists at Ebor Studio in Littleborough, I was part of a group sound exhibition at St Chad’s Church in Rochdale. The other artists were: Alison Cooper, Matt Quick, Maryanne Royle and Natalie Sharp. All images above are by Maryanne Royle.

This piece places a text, inspired by a history of St Chad’s Church in Rochdale, and a visit to the church made on Palm Sunday 2021, to music sang in three parts. The singers were given starting pitches taken from the bell peal in F Major and asked to improvise a sang version of the text to work alongside manipulated field recordings.

The piece was played at an exhibition at the church on the 15th July through a multi speaker set up. It was produced in a way that meant the piece was constantly changing and evolving so it could in theory run forever. This recording is a sample hour of what could be.

Many thanks to Manchester International Festival for supporting this project and Kathy Hinde who mentored me during the creation of the piece.

Singers: Eleanor Cully, David Colohan and Sophie Cooper.

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