Goodbye Gemini – now out!

Hi everyone!

It’s been a long time coming but the follow up to Our Aquarius is finally out. Goodbye Gemini is my new song collection that has been beautifully released on cassette by Borley Rectory. Massive thanks to Simon for sorting this out for me and to Luke for the great artwork.

I’m not going to lie, I know it’s massively unfashionable to admit this but this thing has a whiff of a “lockdown album” about it, what can I say. It was a big deal for everyone and there I saw stuck at home wondering what on earth to write about. How about my neighbours, long stretches of time, tory corruption and some endless longing? I’m pleased with it, songs are so hard, I can’t just knock em out so it’s a bit of a crafted album.

Called in on my collaborator in The Slowest Lift, the legendary Julian Bradley, to provide some messed up electronics on the title track and spoke to fellow Libra, Helen Mort for some astrology inspired lyrics. Many thanks to them both.

There are a few left at the label but I’ve saved a few to take to Sunderland at the end of the month for Boundaries Festival which I’m honoured to play at. DIY fests are my fave and it’s an all star line up of well known weirdos from all over the country, the gang back together. Do come along if you can make it!

Poster advertising Boundaries Festival which is on the 26th and 27th Nov in Sunderland.

In other news, I recently recorded some trombone for Richard Youngs which is a bit of a mind-blowing achievement for me. I was listening to Richard’s music in my flat in Manchester many moons ago, swooning around to Sapphie (good times), I’m a long time fan! CXXI is a great record and I’m happy to be on it. Check it out on the Black Truffle bandcamp.

I also recently recorded some trombone for the incredibly talented Nwando Ebizie for her new piece Solve et Coagula which is premiering at this year’s hcmf//. Big thanks to Nwando who put me through my paces with the rhythms and did well on the conducting to keep me on track.

Right think that’s all I’ve got for you for now… all best wishes and love, Sof

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