Hot deals on LPs!

Hi everyone, happy NY. It’s been a bit of a weird start to the year because of Covid shite but hey, roll on the rest of 2022 I guess.

Got a fair bit of news for another post but for now I’ve got a hot deal for you listener!

(Click on image to listen to the album)

I’ve had some copies of the Richard Young’s CXXI record that I’m on come in, and I’ve got some copies of The Slowest Lift LP, Plutonic Shine left. Both are £15 individually but here’s the deal: £25 for both plus P&P. There are 5 of the “bundle” offers.

I’ve not got the skills or head space to work out PayPal buttons today but if you email me at: with your request and location I’ll work out the grand total for you that way.

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