The Wire Magazine Feature

Hi everyone,

Been proper busy this year and only just getting round to sharing the fact that The Wire Magazine wrote a feature about me in the March edition of the mag. Such a surprise to be asked and a great experience being interviewed by the brilliant Abi Bliss.

I’m not that into sharing articles online because – support your indie printed media! – but here’s a little screen shot of me in my fave jumper and if you’re interested check the mag out here: Clive Bell also wrote a review about the gig I did at Cafe Oto in Feb in the same issue – thanks to everyone involved in all that.

Additionally, The Wire asked me if I had any unreleased music knocking about so I unearthed two tracks of improvised music made by me and French acid folk legend Emmanuelle Parrenin. Listen here:

But yeah, that’ll do for now. Hope everyone is doing well. Will post another update soon cus all sorts going on.

Sof x